We take responsibility!

With our high quality control, it makes us very proud to present our product refund rate of merely 0.5%. This rate also includes any handling errors as well as any damage due to shipping.

We are very particular when it comes to choosing the LED chips and the raw material for our fixtures, in order to achieve great sustainability, safety and the highest quality possible.

Since we both develop and manufacture our own products, we have gained full control over the entire production process.

All our products have a uniquely formulated technical information sheet.

To maintain our high quality, we choose to test all of our products at SGS where we receive a certificate of approval.

This is an expense we consider well worth the investment, for every single product.

Quality control is always carried out with regular intervals before, during and after production to ensure that the products meet our high quality standards.

Furthermore, we take on a responsibility where we guarantee a certain amount of discontinued products in case of any future claims or exchanges.

As part of our ongoing strive to take on full responsibility in the production process, we have made sure that our supplier follows the applicable UN laws under the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

In order to address the environmental responsibility we are affiliated with Elretur, a nationwide recycling system.

We offer technical expertise and advice through our customer support department.